Sayonara Japan!

Sayonara Japan!

For my remaining day and a half in Japan, I tried to take it as easy as possible and enjoy the rest of my time there. Since I was still recuperating, it was perfect that I coincidentally had an appointment at the hair salon. Hehe. I wasn’t quite expecting to stay at the salon for five hours, but at least I didn’t have to do much aside from sitting still. =P


Afterwards I had to wait for my sister to finish at the JE shop, so I bought some takeout takoyaki from one of the stalls in the back alley of Harajuku. Once she was done, we took the train over to Shinjuku Station, then got a late lunch at my favourite Soup Stock Tokyo. After lunch I had a couple hours of free time to myself to do some shopping at Lumine Est (which sadly I didn’t end up finding anything to buy). Then it was back to the apartment to do some packing.

Soup Stock

For dinner that night we took a taxi to Hiroo where we had reservations at Aji no Nakamura. I went there for my last dinner on my previous trip, so it was fitting that I also ended this trip at the same restaurant. The food was amazing as always and I’m so glad my appetite more or less came back. All around good food and even better company. =)

Aji no Nakamura


As our flight back to Toronto was at 5pm the next day, we spent the majority of the morning shopping at Shibuya, then headed over to Shimokitazawa to have lunch. I was really craving Okinawan food and I thought I could easily find a restaurant in Shimokita, but it totally didn’t occur to me that all the restaurants only open in the evening. (T__T)

However it wasn’t a total loss as we came across this really cool outdoor market selling artisan items and we also found an Ichiran to have lunch at! After lunch we headed over to Shinjuku one last time to do some shopping at Isetan, then it was back to the apartment to grab our luggage, then the airport.

Ichiran Shimokita

While trying to cram in so much activities in one week was extremely challenging to say the least, I’m glad I got to see all my friends and make the most of my time while I was there. Next time I promise not to make any [intense] itineraries so there should be less chances of me getting sick on my trips. =P

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