Farewell Europe!

Farewell Europe!

My day trip to Tallinn was my last full day in Europe. I had finished packing the night before, so I took it easy the next morning and slowly made my way out. It felt like it had gotten considerably colder the longer I stayed in Europe. In fact it was actually snowing in the morning as I left the apartment!

Since I still had time left on my Helsinki Card I decided to head to the airport early. I took the tram all the way to Pasila Station then switched to the train to get to the airport. I had a lot of time to kill inside, so after passing through security I went over to browse inside the Moomin Shop. I ended up splurging on a set of coasters [which will go nicely with the set of tumblers I bought the previous day]. I also had time to sit down for a nice meal of smoked reindeer pasta! That was the last of all the game meats I tried in Europe.

Reindeer Pasta

The flight to Frankfurt wasn’t bad at all and I made sure to get a seat at the front of the plane so I could get off quickly. I wasn’t as rushed making my transfer this time around, but I still panicked a bit and sprinted all the way until I arrived at the gate. Then I was able to relax for maybe 15 minutes before I had to board again. Lol

Overall I’m really glad I took this spontaneous trip to Europe. Initially I was worried about how safe it would be traveling to Europe, but I was lucky that nothing happened during my time away. I also meticulously planned every part of my trip, so I made sure I knew where I was going and how to get to all the places I needed to be. Every now and then it’s great to just go off the radar for a while.

I’m super thankful that Aura was able to meet me in Helsinki! We had such a blast traveling together and I’m so glad we finally had time to hang out. Let’s meet in a different country next time. =)

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